Our Story

Several years ago, I joined a book club because it provided a cost-effective means of purchasing indispensable reference materials. The only catch – every month another reference volume was forwarded – unless, of course, you first returned the pre-shipment post card, indicating that you would skip the current selection and opt for another in the future. 

Invariably, there were those occasions when I forgot to return the post card altogether. The selection was shipped, as per the agreement with the book club, and I received the designated reference volume, duly paying for it as a consequence. As an unpublished writer, striving to make ends meet, avenues toward publication were frequently hampered by any number of tollbooths along the way. 

At any rate, the very first occasion of forgetfulness became manifest in The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom and Marilyn Ross. As you may have read elsewhere, my formal education was steeped in literature but my record of employment included positions as controller and director in accounting and financial reporting departments. Moreover, my principal function within those positions was to qualify operational processes – purchasing, inventories and logistics, consumption and point-of-sale – in terms of financial performance. 

So ... when I received (and subsequently read) The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing ... 

Serendipity? Fortuity?

Godsend? Or stroke of fate?

(It depends, of course, upon your persuasion.) 

Regardless of cause, however – armed with The Complete Guide ..., my passion for writing and literature, coupled with my experience with financial systems and operational processes, dictated the irrevocable path on which I should proceed. And although the launching of any business enterprise requires both strategic and tactical planning, operating capital, budgetary considerations, the implementation of marketing and advertising initiatives and the resolution of any number of mundane tribulations along the way, the simple truth is: Linden Park Publishers, Ltd evolved from a single occasion of ... forgetfulness.